Calisthenics April 17, 1979

Calisthenics April 17, 1979 (101.9M) Download here or listen below

 Martin speaks of his plans for calisthenics in the fall and proceeds to give an example of the kind of exercises involved including radiating/absorbing as a minor one and a major one which addresses deeper matters. He describes the purpose of the work and illustrates each.

Calisthenics September 26 1979

 Statement of Purpose and Dealing with Energy - Money 

Tonight I want to have a serious talk with you. Let's call it a talk of introduction. As we have newcomers, and as we begin calisthenics, this-means working in a new way, so for a change, lets first read the Statement of Purpose.The Statement of Purpose was written in 1977 -- two years ago -- to tell the purpose of the work that we do. It occurred to me that the term Statement of a Purpose is not very good, because it's not only a purpose, it's what we actually do.

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