The initial part of the interview is given below. The entire interview is available for download as a Word document here. (ed.)

Interviews with Martin about "Acting From Field"

By Gayl Welch

The following interviews were conducted by Gayl Welch as part of her dissertation entitled " A Phenomenological Study of the Transpersonal Experience of  "Acting From Field" : Three Case Studies, completed in 1983. The interviewees were Martin Muller, S.S. and L.G. The background of each individual is provided in the text. To download the text please go to Chapter 4 - Results - in the dowload section.

Section 1

The taped interviews from the three participants were reduced by means of the phenomenological reduction method outlined in Chapter 3. The reduced data was presented to each participant to be sure the synopsis reflected their experience of acting Field as well as they could express it at that time. A short biographical statement precedes the approved synopses as they appear in this section. They represent the idiographic (individualized) expression of acting Field. When read together at one sitting, the differences of expression become very evident. There is such a great number of differences that the researcher will not comment on them, but let each expression speak for itself. The bracketed numbers in the text are references to metathemes in Section 2 indicating that the material immediately preceding the brackets was used to explicate a particular metatheme.

Participant L.G.

Ever since she knew about the word "psychology" and what it meant, L.G. has been interested in it. She has been a psychologist most of her life. She was the one her teenage friends used to call up and say, "What'll I do about this," and "Oh, I feel so terrible." She figured she'd better get trained because she was just running instinctively.

Psychology was her undergraduate major, and she has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1974. She received a Ph.D. in Psychology in June, 1981. She and another MFCC have a Television series on infant and child care in the Los Angeles area. She has two children of her own.

L.G. has been working in an ontology group with Martin Muller since 1975.

Contrast between previous experience and living field . Before 1974 or 5, 1 walked around completely oblivious of this particular set of things. Then I sat in class with M. for years without having any kind of feeling other than being a sponge. I appreciated what was going on, and I felt an action with the music. But as far as being a participant, forget it. Then I had my first experience of beyond whatever it is that I knew before. My experience was so very different from that time, that I say I went from sleep to waking up. It was a jolt and very surprising [5.2].

Field is radiant or radiation. There is a direct experience­-awareness that I am not just "skin-in." The skin used to be the edge of what I considered me. Now I know that's not so. I know there is something beyond that, that's still me. When I am not connected to the field, it feels very close around me [2.1 ], not very radiant. Radiating begins as a tension and feels skin-in at first. As it expresses, it becomes all-encompassing through me, around me, from me ??? When I'm consciously working (or sometimes it works by itself) it feels more alive, or fuller or larger. When I live field-A1 and my mind isn't working, there is a radiation that comes through me. Actually, it looks like the whole world is a giant radiation, me included [5.3]. The barrier is gone that is usually there when I live skin-in or from my mind which stops that action from happening. The radiation includes the body; it includes everything. It's around and through [7.3]. There is a direct experience of connecting that is, among other things, sensory.