Calisthenics After 1984


May 1988 — Martin & Georgette

We have a change of function and there are certain things that have to be trained:
1. Remember : exercising in-order-to is just an illusion. The only reason to practice is to make the persona supple so that what is already here can come out,
2. What you perceive “out there” is always according to what is working in you. Realize the power of interpretation.
3. A vision (or a concept) is not it, it is only an anchoring device. There are always many things going on, awareness, feelings, sensations, but in the end (and always) what you believe to be “it” is not it.
4. Train the self-conscious part of the consciousness : ....

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DECEMBER 1989 – Martin & Georgette

Every time you feel the new condition, live it. The more you do it, the easier it will become, until finally it will sink down, even into the subconsciousness (symbolically speaking).
Feelings are a way of imaging happenings. Learn to make a relation between the symbol and life itself. Feelings have their own life and there is therefore no need to be possessive, (Remember that possessiveness is present whenever you are feeling sorry for yourself.) When vou relate non-possessively to the play, then you are free to introduce other values. What use is it to discard a “bad” feeling when you haven’t listened to what the feeling has to say. When vou discard a feeling then the structure has to invent a new symbol, a symbol that you might not like any better. Realize that the symbol is asking that you get into what the feeling is reflecting...

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