Appearance and Reality

 0 brother please understand that the black Cross and the bloody Rose

Only exist in the appearance world of a Dark Age,

In the limited vision of the neophyte,

The Cross,in Its simple reality,

Gloriously stands, pure, in its whiteness,

And in Its heart blooms the radiant beauty of the Golden Rose.


On this Cross Jesus crucified Himself

One day, you too will crucify yourself


In the grave was put the body.

A big rock rolled over the door,


The tomb is the occult place of transformation:

For who is blind, in there, the appearance dissolves.

For the crucified one, there, a radiant transformation occurs,

Born from Union.,

Only a pure Being of Love can contemplate it


In the grave is accomplished the transformation of the Being of Love,

Total transformation, new birth,

The crucified, through Union, is identified to the Cross:

He is Life, He is Love, He is Christ.