This section includes audio and text  files of the Calisthenic sessions that were held over several years before 1979 some of which have yet to be transcribed.  The transcripts will be added when available.

            1. Psychologist session 1975  (114.7M) Download here or listen below

In this audio, a new member is introduced to their study by fellow students. Martin asks members to summarize what they have learned which they attempt to do. Members and Martin describe some of the basics and they discuss and demonstrate ways of working with others. There is an introduction to the centres of awareness and the importance of working from the "positive" position and some consequences of this.

2. Livance & Paradigms (46.7M) Download  here or listen and read below

Martin speaks of the paradigm shift required to recognize and become aware of the totality of what one lives. The term "livance" is coined to describe this. He comments on the current paradigm in general use and its self-sustaining ways and what is required to make a significant shift to a more fully "alive" position.

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Livance And Pardigms

You might remember that ...   well I told you many things.... among others that kind of what I call the psychological bias. If we look at only three types of awareness, sensory, emotional and mental, we notice that the combination of the three gives you nine possibilities. Of these nine possibilities people are educated to only just three, the sensory sensory, the sensory emotional and the sensory mental. It’s calling the others, possibly negating them. I have told you also a very common experience.


3. Dying Excercise (69.5M) Download here or listen below

This exercise flows from the material in Livance & Paradigms and is actually part of the same session. In it Martin leads the exercise with members. This is followed by a live demonstration by Martin and Georgette. A discussion with the group follows this

New Book and Egg Metaphor (54.7M)

Download here or listen below.

The group and Martin celebrate the arrival of Martin's book from the publisher. He goes on to describe three stages in development from Esoteric Psychology to be used as markers.

Stage 1 The realization of a life in which one is identified with the form life and the soul identifies with material aspects. In this one does not know oneself as soul. One reaches full personality expression at the end of this stage.

Stage 2 is where discrimination of one’s duality is realized and the often painful work of the disciple begins in which one learns the discrimination of form and soul life. One realizes one is spirit incarnate in matter - one gradually shifts the centre of gravity to that of soul and grows in realization of the condition in which duality is embraced and is no more.

This is followed by stage 3. The higher realization of unity follows where the sense of soul and body is lost to a sense of unity and new conditions prevail where one begins the recognition of deity at play.

Martin follows this by extensive use of an egg metaphor to describe and elaborate these stages.

(Editor note. Likely this taping occurred in 1979 but the specific date is unknown. No written transcript is available)