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Centres of Awareness

Table of Contents

 Part I Psychological Training

I-1 Some Psychological Principles Related to Ontology

A. Maturity

B. Affinities

C. Attention

D. Conditioned Responses

E. Imaginative Faculty

F. Principles of High Fidelity

I-2 Preparatory Exercises

A. Conditions Necessary for the Proposed Exercises

B. Relaxation
Regenerating Exercise

C. Special Relaxation
Dome Exercise

I-3 Faculties of Perception

A. Introduction

B. Sensing, Feeling, Experiencing
(1) Sensing
(2) Feeling
(3) Experiencing

C. Technical and Psychological Notes

I-4 The Three Basic Exercises

A. General Recommendations

B. First Basic Exercise: The Unfolding of Desires
(1) First Step: Vital Need
(2) Second Step:
         a. Directional Impulse
         b. Soul Consciousness
Practical Consequences
(3) Results Acquired from the Practice of the Exercise

C. Second Basic Exercise: Unfolding of Thoughts

D. Third Basic Exercise: Unfolding of Sensations

E. A Few Considerations on the Three Basic Exercises


Part II Technical Training

II-1 Ontological Principles and Their Practice

A. Unity: Principle of Being

B. Duality: Notion of Polarities

Trinity: Notion of Functions

II-2 Structuring of the Consciousness

A. Square Diagram: Structuring in Time
(1) Structuring up to the Present Day
(2) Structuring to Come, Maturation Conditions
(3) Philosophical Considerations
(4) Psychological Aspects

II-3 Trinitary Functions at the Personal Level

A. Perception and Location of Centers of Awareness
(1) Generalities
(2) aA Center
(3) uA Center
(4) mA Center
(5) aU, uU, mU Centers

B. Action of the Centers of Awareness
(1) Action of the Centers of the A Zone
(2) Action of the Centers of the U Zone
Psychological Use
Psychosomatic Use
(3) Action of the Centers of the M Zone

C. Data for the Conditioning of the Negative Structures

II-4 Training of the Perception

Figure 1 - Square Diagram

Figure 2 - Blow-up of the U Zone

Figure 3 - Body Diagram


Part III Practical Ontology

III-1 Introduction

A. Unity: Presence of Being, Realization, Intensification

B. Duality: Junction, Equilibrium, Resonance

C. Trinity: Sense of the Role, Alignment, Expansion of Man, Radiating Man
(1) Generalities
(2) Practical Work
a. Galactic Aspect: Presence of Being of Energy
b. Solar Aspect: Presence of Being of Light
c. Planetary Aspect: Presence of Human Being
d. Problems of Symbolism
e. Psychological Scope

III-2 Integration Exercise: "Being Here"

 III-3 Crystal Exercise

A. First Phase

B. Second Phase

C. Third Phase

III-4 "Down and Away"

A. Preparatory Phase

B. The Exercise

C. Major Death