This web space is dedicated to providing a repository of the materials created by Martin Muller, the individuals and groups with which he worked and especially the purpose and work to which they were/are all dedicated.

The site is especially dedicated to the group from Switzerland, who dedicated their lives to providing support so that this work might be realized. The special contributions of Martin and Annie Muller and their children - Patrice and Phyllis, Georgette and Daniel Krummenacher, Dani Vecchio  and Francois Vecchio , and Helene Laperrousaz are especially noted.

May this space support and further the action of the Christ on earth and in humanity.


Pat Muller (Martin's son) provided the picture of the rose. He notes that it is signed 'Elizabeth 81' and was painted by Martin's sister Elizabeth Dijkema. She was a specialist painting flowers in water colours. She painted it specifically for Martin during a visit in 1981. (Martin's non-profit organization was called "Rosae Christi" which means Roses of Christ