Fourth Dimension Forum

This is a recording of a public forum during which Martin and Buckminster Fuller (Bucky) gave their perspectives of the "Fourth Dimension". The session was initiated by Sandra Seagal (a student of Martin's) who introduces them, gives an orientation to the session and moderates the event. (see for more information on Sandra’s work).

The talk was set up as a fundraiser for Life Actions (Human Dynamic's non-profit organization) and occurred in the early 1980's. Tom Rurup, Linda OToole and David Ross (the "video crew") did the video taping.   The original audio tapes came from Helene Laperrousaz A number of years ago Linda O’Toole shared these with  Martin Parks and Martin spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the audio. He passed this on to be included in this site. Any additional information would be appreciated. It is unknown where the video of this event is. The recordings are presented in 4 parts. Sandra's Introduction, Buckminster's followed by Martin's presentation and finally a question and Answer recording. Listen to one or all.

You can dowload Sandra Seagal's introduction here or listen to it below

 Buckminster Fuller presents his view which you can download here and you can listen below

Martin presents his view on the  Fourth Dimension which you can download here and you can listen below

The Question and Answer portion of the presentation can be downloaded here or listened to below