LONDON SESSION with Martin & Georgette

     Martin and Georgette came to London in the fall of 1984 and held a weekend session with about 75 participants at the Unity Church hall. This was facilitated by Sound Contact - a group consisting of Carol Brooks, John Campbell, Nutan Joy and Paul Doucette (coordinator).This group had facilitated Dr. Sandra Seagal coming to London. During work with her,  the London group were introduced to Martin on a visit to Rancho Santa Fe. After several such meetings in California, Martin and Georgette agreed to come to London to meet the group that had  formed there under Sandra's tutelege.

The following transcript is a verbatim account of what was said during the session held at the Unity Church in London in 1986 (another was held at the Lawson Museum in 1987 - however no recording is available).  What follows are the recordings made at that time by Sound Contact. Subsequently, the recordings came via Mary Hamilton, a participant in the Canadian group, that visited Rancho Santa Fe with others from London. 

The recordings and transcripts are presented in 8 parts due to the size of the audio files. (about 45 meg each)

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The audio and document for each part are available below.


Part One - Transcript and audio

Living Wholeness in the First Place

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Martin: Hello everybody. So long (much) for social amenities.
I hope you are eager to work....... Don‟t be too eager.

Let‟s first make the point. We have in these two hours, a little bit more maybe, to make at least ten years of work. What happens now, happens now. ……….(Long pause) It hasn‟t come through...we‟ll come back on it.
In history, you always have clues on what is going on. As you know…. in physics they have found out, lately…. that what is called a particle is the product of a whole, dynamics of the whole. They have also found out, that according to how you look at the particle…, the particle is only an event, it‟s not the substance. It‟s an event.
Now, for the implication...



Part Two - Transcript and audio

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Martin: Unless you can devote in life, forget the work. It will be automatically ego centered. That means based on an image, not a reality. And you have to go through ordeals to get rid of that, why not get rid of it right away? St John of the Cross speaks of three nights: the night of the sensations, that means you suddenly realize that all your sensation ,without any exceptions, are beside the point. Reality is different. The night of the soul comes later. Then comes the night of...



Part THREE - Transcript and audio

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Martin: Okay, now we are deluged with that kind of music. What can you do with it? What is your ability? Can you keep the high note or do you lose it? It’s a test. It’s a very serious test.We can use any type of music. The most primitive one and make you come out with spirit. But unless you train you can’t do it, but you are supposed to be able to.

Participant: When you say that kind of music is dangerous, it also is an opportunity.

Martin: Exactly, this is what I am saying. If you know how to use it, it’s an opportunity. If you are passive, that means subjected to it, then it will destroy things.

Participant: I guess it depends on where you take the picture from.

Martin: Yep, but in this case where you take the picture from, implies the ability to take the position. A conceptual ability does not help you. It has to be a practical ability.



Part Four - Transcript and audio

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Martin: Be careful, I have just in mind something that I’m hearing from time to time.  Martin’s teaching. What is Martins teaching? I told you three sentences with the hologram that’s all. Never say again Martin’s teaching. What is a teaching? Let us say you take notes. Okay, I teach since...well, forty years. Teach. Meaning people take notes.  So once I asked one of these, or two or three that are taking notes in the room, what do you do with them? Nothing. I mean, practically. They have the notes at home, but they never use them. Taking notes means, you put into the future what is happening now.

          It’s happening now. You feel a kind of dynamics, you feel it now. It has to play “now”. It’s not a matter of taking home and pondering over, forget it.  The only thing you can do home is to continue to practice.

     Another point, related to that. Be very careful with your consciousness.


Part Five - Transcript and audio

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Martin:  ....That are for you absolutely and completely objective. I can give you an experience, for instance, I used to in the past to work on the level of energies. Okay so I was familiar with energies. So, when modulating music, I applied energies. Then came the time when I had to go beyond energies. And believe me or not, I was uneasy. Because energy is very concrete in the usual sense and higher than energy, related to that position, is very abstract, very refined. Too much refined. How effective? Well in the usual way, I had to go ahead anyway and I did it and found it to be more effective, not less. So there is a terrible misunderstanding with the word concrete, thinking that finer aspects are’s also shaded with effectiveness, unfortunately. And thus, finer aspects being less effective than coarser aspects. The reverse is true...


Part Six - Transcript and audio

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...You go anyway. Let us say, to simplify, let’s come back to yesterday. When I said the doer, the arrow down there, does period. That means all the processes that you know now, that are sequential, happen simultaneously. As you do, you know and you know what to do. Not according to minds knowledge but according to dynamics. That would be, let us say, a professional answer. Unfortunately you don’t have yet that experience working as a doer. You still depend on the ususal process that requires conceptualizing first in order to be able to do. When I tell you, what look in your life, there are things you can really do, how come you can? Well you started doing it and starting doing it, you understood. There are the model that tells you I have to conceptualize first and then do. It does happen in certain circumstances.


Part Seven - Transcript and audio

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Martin: Paradise lost, things like that. And you lost your position, you are no more there, so now you have to become it again. It’s very popular. How can you be other than what you are?  Simply a point of view and a very misleading point of view. One day you have to have the courage that you are more than what shows. You know it already, you do it already. But you haven’t had the courage to accept it rationally or simply logically. Put everything together - what is working in your awareness, there is a lot more than what is accepted as being consciousness. All the time.


Part Eight - Transcript and audio

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Martin: ordinary knowing doesn’t work. Not very well anyway, but there is the purpose . You came for a job. So some way there is that knowledge. Give it a chance.
Participant 4: Can I ask you a specific question? How do you get started on .this quest, this life?
Martin: Oh, that’s one of the rare things I just don’t know. (Laughter in room)
Participant 3: Yes you do! (Laughter)
Martin (laughing): Well, one moment, I have to answer that question. There’s a way to simplify the question, you just don’t get started, you continue.
Participant 4: .....and you get stronger as you go along?
Martin: You know, if we want to be more matter of fact, it’s not the first time you live. If you show an interest in coming here and you did come obviously, unless you questioned that, I don’t know.