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Centres of Awareness

Prelude to the New Man

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First printed in 1978, Prelude to the New Man has emerged as a classic work of esoteric spirituality.


From the first part of the book:

The science of being (ontology) is a field of activity that can be approached and seen as in-depth psychology or spiritual training. Both of these avenues merge in this book, which is meant to help the reader take these first steps needed to awaken the awareness and effectiveness which will be his first tools in this field.

This book is presented in three parts:

The first part begins with "known" psychological principles which must be activated and matured, enabling the reader to approach the less known subjects that follow from an experimental base.

It includes preparatory relaxation exercises and a description of faculties of perception presented with technical notes. Clues are given in regard to the psychological attitude for perceiving and also for training the faculties of perception, from intuitive sensing to pragmatic use.

The three basic exercises that follow are multi-purposeful. Starting from desires, thoughts, and sensations (which constitute the greater part of present-day consciousness), they introduce the reader to principles such as: polarities in consciousness, functions, zones, and personal and non personal modes of perception.

These exercises have the effect of establishing an equilibrium by the realization of a continuum between the deep identity and the person, facilitating the discovery of a more fundamental structure related to the intimate experience of being really oneself. Finally they serve as an experimental and necessary introduction to what follows.

The second part of the book emphasizes technical training
. An introductory chapter on ontological principles explains and approaches experimentally the notions of unity, duality, and trinity.

Structuring of the consciousness by the interplay of spirit and nature polarities in time and space is presented, along with a technical methodology for activating the nine centers of awareness (not to be confused with chakras) and new functions in them.

Consideration is also given to the relation between the proposed system and a greater whole, and material is presented which opens new perspectives in the field of education.

The activities, qualities, and location of the centers of awareness in the body are described. Their structure, the way to recognize them, and the play of the spirit-nature duality in each are presented in experiments for their activation.

Moreover, a new area for investigation is proposed to psychologists: that of relating to the psychological and psychosomatic makeup of man as the result of a complex interplay and syntony of functions in the nine centers of awareness. Technical training methods are proposed to this end.

Part II closes with a technique for perceiving radiations and currents in the human being, using direct, positive observation of others in conjunction with resonances in oneself (not clairvoyance).

The third part opens with a reminder that experience of the material in the previous two parts is a prerequisite to the realization of what follows.

After the presentation of new technical points dealing with unity, duality, and trinity, further attention is given to the trinitary aspect, referred to here as: Being of Energy, Being of Light, and Human Being. First dealt with in principle, it is developed through practical application involving the unfolding of perceptions and dynamization of currents. This allows the unveiling of deeper realities "trans-penetrating" the apparent reality of the world of effects. Some notes on symbolism and psychological applications are also given.

An exercise follows that integrates the Real Man and apparent man by activation of the radiations experienced in the previous chapters.

The Crystal Exercise induces a climate favorable to Presence. Although presented here as a symbolic action, it is truly a creation that must be lived rather than imagined.

The last exercise, Down-and-Away, is the culmination of this work in which the consciousness is freed so that another reality might "trans-appear" of its own authority. This event changes the quality of life, it changes the personality, it heralds the new Man