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Centres of Awareness

Some Questions asked of the Author


Is this book a new vision of reality or a new presentation of the science of being?

This book is not the product of a vision, but of direct experience. Therefore, it is articulated to allow the student to structure himself from evidence to evidence, which implies modes of action more akin to creative doing than gathering information and conceptualizing on it. Our concern is not to bring something new, but to meet some of the requirements of the coming Age; hence the nature of the dedication of this book: "This book is dedicated to those pioneering spirits who give themselves to the creation of the New Man in a New Age."

Then could you elaborate on what is referred to in your book as the New Man?

It is clear that if someone trained in the centers of awareness, in the Crystal Exercise with its "crystallity" and with "Down-and-Away" and its related abilities, he has a wider means of action at his disposal, a different awareness; his presence, radiance, and vital flow of life are such as to herald the New Man.

Having been trained in psychology, do you use this approach in your book?

Yes, definitely. Psychological principles are used throughout the book. They are more apparent in the first part, where they are used to prepare the consciousness for the direct experiencing needed in the technical and ontological aspects of the book.

I read in your book that the science of being or ontology can be seen as an in-depth psychology or spiritual training. Could you elaborate on this?

In the New Man, there is a continuum of awareness that no longer implies the inherited spiritual/material dichotomy. The spiritually-oriented person who lives what is implied in the book will activate those higher states of awareness in a way that allows him to bring them out in everyday life, freed from acquired knowledge. In persisting with "Down-and-Away" in the last part of the book, he will face something totally different. So will the psychologist, so will anyone else who truly lives what is implied in this book. Thus, together, they will play the Prelude to the New Man.