Background and Acknowledgements

  During the 60's, 70's and 80's a series of seminars/workshops were held with a number of different participants in several core groups. Most of these sessions were held around the Rancho Santa Fe and Ojai areas of Southern California. Martin also worked with other groups in California and one in the London area of Ontario, Canada. A number of these sessions were recorded.

 Session transcripts in Santa Fe were recorded by Wladimir Voss among others between 1979 and 1984 and transcribed by Rosemary Miller who shared these with members at the next session after which they were recorded. These transcriptions were edited further by Francois Vecchio and some of these were bound in a book which Francois published in 1996/7. This book was initially for the private use of participants. However, the interest and desire to study the work by those who had not attended the original sessions encouraged Francois to share these more widely. They are now included on this site for use of the general public. Last year the original recordings were made available through Rosemary and they are now being edited. The process of reuniting audio and transcript has begun and will be continued as time allows.

Much thanks are due to all who participated in the creation of the materials and for their work on these documents. You are welcome to any of the materials that are on the site. If there are any errors or additions that you believe should be made, please let us know. Also let us know if you are aware of any additional materials or connections that  should/could be mentioned or included.

 Special thanks to Francois Vecchio and Rosemary Miller for their generous help with the transcripts, and audiotapes and to Helene Laperrousaz who has been a source of continued inspiration. Also, I wish to thank Nutan Joy and Linda O’Toole for their invaluable support in all phases of the development of the site.