The Studies

      To date, two major studies of key dynamics have been identified and explored in doctoral theses by two of Martin's students and associates.

      Wayland Meyers authored the study of the manner in which empathy was viewed and  practiced by Martin. He developed a conceptual model in  his thesis entitled "EMPATHY: A SPECTRUM OF SHARING"  in which he describes  Martin's unique orientation . His study places this within a larger global context of known ways of viewing empathy.

       Gayl Welch's study is entitled "A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE TRANSPERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF "ACTING FROM FIELD":  THREE CASE STUDIES". In this study Gayl examined the dynamic of field awareness and the phenomena of what she termed "acting field".

       The full studies on Empathy, and Acting Field are available along with the interviews they conducted  with Martin. As well, Wayland's correspondence with Carl Rogers and Gayl's summary  "Transpersonal Experience of Acting Field" are included for further study and use.