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Statement of Purpose

[This purpose, articulated by Martin, was stated during sessions held with a number of different groups that met with him over the years and has been taken from the Transcript Excerpts. He reiterated time and again that they were involved in an action or work and not a training. So that all training, teaching and exercises (calisthenics) were seen as directed to this end and not be taken as an end in themselves. This work continues and Martin delineates some characteristics of participation. (ed)]

  The reason to be of the groups is to participate in the Christ Impulse that was launched into humanity's conscious level about 2,000 years ago. The task is twofold: One aspect is the adjusting to human level that part of the Impulse already working, on the so-called higher levels and now intended for human expression as well. The other aspect is to render this operative within mankind. This implies participation of "unseen" as well as "seen" beings, the groups being a small but needed part of the whole action.

Within the action of the groups one can distinguish three aspects :

1/ The opening of new avenues in the human time/space related life, the generating of the basic directive life energy within which all participants' cooperation is taking place.

2/ The developing of avenues, means and shapes, as well as the dynamics which allow the Impulse and impulses to be operative within mankind.

3/ Operating the action within humankind. This implies the selfless and still difficult task of incarnating the Principle/principles in that specific way that will allow others to follow, wherever they are.

Depending on his/her maturity, a participant may be engaged in one, two, or all three aspects, which implies the ability to handle more and more responsibility.

It is expected that the prospective participant feel deeply the need/willingness for service, and this implies a readiness for commitment.

All the action of the groups being a volunteer work, it is expected that the prospective participant has the maturity to accept working with no desire for personal reward of any kind, and that he/she has the maturity needed to be work-centered, with no thought or desire for self-centered acquisitiveness, This implies the maturity to approach the ongoing action as work to participate in and definitely not as a teaching to be received.

Thus, the prospective participant will prepare to give freely of his/her energies on any level, according to his/her ability to be committed, and according to a code of honor to be respected.

Martin Muller