The Transcripts are presented in three sections.

In the first section,  the original transcript as a whole is available for dowload in one of three  formats. (a PDF, Word or WPD file) Download here.

In the second section, the individual Calisthenic sessions are sorted by year and monthly sessions and the text with relevant audio (when available) is provided for your use. Use the sidebar to access the different dates.

The third section presents sessions in a topical format along with audio and text. These include such topics as "Speaking of Love" and "The Fourth Dimension" and all are available here.

General Introduction

 The transcripts on this website arise from three major sources.

The  first source is the original  transcript that was created  Rosemary Miller for group members attending Martin's sessions and later edited into the book edition.

The second source is from other transcribed records of events that occurred such as the one in London, Ontario, and the one on the Fourth Dimension with Buckminster Fuller etc.

The third source is from the audio tapes that were supplied by Rosemary Miller. New material not previously documented has emerged from these.

       Many of the original sessions were recorded by Wladimir Voss, and transcribed by Rosemary Miller. These were typed up after each session by Rosemary. The production of the text Transcript Excerpts was edited by Francois Vecchio. All were group participants during the period. Francois originally made the "Transcript Excerpts" document of all sessions that had been created by Rosemary after each session  in print format available to group participants.

The following comment and caveat noted by Francois and Martin is from the original Transcript Introduction and should be applied to all the material on this site.

Calisthenics of 1979/1984, Transcripts 

Rancho Sante Fe, California


 These excerpts of the transcripts have been chosen, as they were presented chronologically, for their specificity as topics addressed by Martin.

Key words have been highlighted and key phrases or expressions are printed in italic, in order to facilitate the identification of the situation expressed by Martin within the group. Some words are underlined in the original transcripts to reflect the accent in Martin's expression.

He (Martin) has warned that these texts need to be apprehended in their context. All encompassing field awareness are the keys.

Reference to the complete transcripts will be needed to possibly connect with the life of the sessions.

Martin: It is my experience that if a transcript is not edited, many things will not make sense for those who do not attend the sessions. There are too many innuendoes that have hidden meanings. For instance the kind of play that goes on in the surroundings that cannot be printed, and if this play is not represented, something is obviously missing - some ways of expressing won't come through. So we make these transcripts available, but only for those who attend the sessions.

Always remember, the point, in Calisthenics, is not what you achieve yourself, but what you produce, what you can bring out, what you can do.