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Anyone who has been involved, even in a peripheral way, with the action at the core of this path has been touched by the depth and profundity of the life action that occurs.

Martin often said that they were involved in an action not a training! He mentioned this many times throughout all the "calisthenics" sessions held. He did use the word "training" as in the sense of "training finer, finer, finer" or as part of what was happening in calisthenics ... participants were "training" and extending their faculties and capacities as one might practice sprinting in order to continue running, or piano scales in order to master a skill, but not in the sense of "being trained."

This section of the site is intended to gather and compile references made throughout the transcripts about this core activity which was termed - The Work. He clarified intentions through his articulation of the purpose, provided a way of working - in the working protocol, and in the excerpts spoke many times to the action.

He spoke to the Purpose of the groups  and outlined the various ways one could participate.

Over time he articulated a Working Protocol to faciltate alignment with the action and to give one an orientation to  this.

He elaborated on the action that they were involved in, many times and in many contexts. Some of these instances have been compiled in Excerpts  From the Transcripts to help make his view clear.

Some confusion occurred when he stated that they were not involved in a training but rather in an action, especially when he made this statement during a calisthenic session! Clearly this was meant to indicate what the priorities in intention were.

All the exercises were intended to assist participants to become more effective in accomplishing the action in which they were /are involved. Three particular Exercises are include here. 1. The Awakening 2. Training Finer, Finer and 3. The Dying Exercise - an audio of a session Martin led where he demonstrates the way of doing this is available on the site.